Saturday, April 9, 2016

About This Blog / The Importance of Exposing Sociopaths and Other Emotional Abusers

Hi guys xoxo
Wounded Blue Jay here,

I'd like to start off by sharing why I created this blog.
Last year I had the most unfortunate luck of being briefly involved with an emotionally abusive man named Matija Turkalj.
The relationship was short lived but the trauma has been long lasting.
While doing research on my situation I came to learn a lot about the side effects of emotional abuse and how these emotional and mental crimes are often times committed by Sociopaths, Psychopaths, Narcissist and those with Borderline Personality Disorder. Along with showing strong traits of being personality-disordered this man is also a heavy substance abuser which also made the situation more upsetting to say the least.
I hope by blogging about my situation and my recovery process it will help other victims realize they are not alone in this struggle. I also hope it will help prevent other women and men from ever entering into a situation like the one I found myself in.

Before I share my story with you all, I'd like to explain why I think it's important to expose people who commit delibrate emotional crimes. After talking it over with other victims one thing I've learned is that these people of a predatory nature are allowed to continue harming other unsuspecting persons because they're behavior is never brought to light. These emotional vampires would not be able to spread as much hurt and internal damage if they knew they were on the radar. Like other types of predators such as child molesters, rapist and serial killers (to name a few), emotional rapist need to be exposed for the criminals they are. For all we know the exposure may save someones life…literally .
Much Love,
Wounded Blue Jay